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Winterstar Valuations specializes in appraisal and consulting services to the ski industry.  We work with clients to answer valuation questions regarding all aspects of ski appraisal concerns. This includes a detailed analysis of economic conditions, climate patterns, demographic changes, skier visits, and gross income and operating margins. 

Ski Resort
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Winterstar Valuations was created as the culmination of Ted Farwell's career in snow. With 40 years of ski resort appraisal services (from 1975 to 2015) his expertise was invaluable. He passed these skills and his business to his understudy and protege Christopher Hansen, MAI, who has been a full time appraiser for over 25 years. With a combined 65 years of experience, Winterstar Valuations is the industries premier service for Resort Valuation. 


We, the firm of Winterstar Valuations inc., dedicate ourselves to the welfare and growth of the ski industry by contributing to the benefit of our individual clients through ethical work which reflects sound financial & environmental values.

We derive great satisfaction seeing the fruits of our labors as they allow people to enjoy the outdoors while preserving nature for future generations.

We continue to learn & grow and are always willing to consider new ideas or better methods of achieving results.

We dedicate ourselves to communicating to our clients in such a way that our ideas and concepts are clearly understood.

We are always open to feedback and opinion from our clients for they are the reason we are in business. Our basic philosophy is one of balance; within business, human, and environmental systems.

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